Slime Hacks for Your Everyday Life

Genius DIY Ideas For Cleaning, Organization, Glue Gun, and Slime: 33 Handy Everyday Life Hacks

You feel more inspired and productive when your home is tidy and organised. But when we think about our old, time-consuming cleaning regimen, we all get exhausted. I’m sharing some creative DIY cleaning tips and ideas with you to get you motivated.

I demonstrate a fun method for cleaning your keyboard with slime if it is covered with dirt, crumbs, and other unwanted items.

Not everyone is an adept at correctly holding their Uno or playing cards. Use a thin pool noodle slice to prevent dropping your cards if you’re clumsy like me.

You can use a real pen to write in the notes app on your phone, in case you didn’t know that. Take an ordinary pen, cover the tip with aluminium foil, and you’re ready to go. To prevent screen scratches, make sure your phone already has a screen protector installed.

Discover all the hot glue tips and time-saving techniques that will simplify your cleaning routine by watching the complete video.


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