Kitchen Strategies for Green Juicing

Producing your eco-friendly juice isn’t a good overly time-consuming effort, but you will need some working room.

Designate a particular place for the “juicing station” – preferably near to the sink. Additionally, you will need room for the cutting panel — I recommend a bamboo bedding board dedicated and then raw vegetables as well as your juicer. Keep in mind, while it’s not a requirement to possess these products out constantly, I guarantee that you’ll be more dedicated and for that reason more successful every day — as well as overall, it may just allow it to be simpler for those who have a devoted spot with regard to everything!


Therefore again, it’s easiest in case your juicing station is situated near the actual sink. Cause? Sink-board-juicer is actually ideal since you can wash the vegetables, chop them after which juice them within an assembly-line-esque method. I use an over-the-sink drainer to put my washed veggies in therefore the water clutter is minimized also it takes all of us less room, but you should use any big colander or perhaps a towel about the countertop in the event that that is most effective for a person.

If you’re truly limited upon the counter room, I recommend the small Breville juicer, the actual over-the-sink drainer, and just put your own cutting panel away at every day! All set to visit!


Lastly, you will have to set upward some devoted space inside your refrigerator. The easiest method to do this particular is to wash out the actual old stuff that you’re no lengthier using!


What Else Will I Need?

So exactly what else do you really need besides the actual cutting panel, drainer, juicer? You’ll definitely require a great chef’s knife — the very best one you are able to afford! I personally possess a large chef’s chef’s knife from Ikea which was actually affordable and I really like it! A great knife will certainly speed in the process for you personally.


Other excellent things tend to be: Produce totes and/or unique refrigerator containers will also be a main convenience simply because they help safeguard your eco-friendly goodies through spoiling! Food waste materials bags to gather your pulp in…put it straight into your juicer pulp-catcher because they help reduce the clean-up and keep the garbage may from obtaining too “smelly”.

Finally, you might want to keep a few canning jars available to shop your eco-friendly juice in within the fridge! The reason why? Because despite the fact that it’s better to drink your own juice straight in the juicer, it’s not necessarily convenient with this busy life. Canning jars possess tight-fitting lids and therefore are also handy drinking mugs – dual score!

Your Juicing Station is going to be totally unique for you, but so long as you’ve got an excellent process as well as the method which works, and also you are juicing, that’s everything matters. Truly.

Whatever it requires to enable you to get juicing is all that’s necessary. Nothing much more, nothing much less. I ‘m here that will help you along the actual way.

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