Brightest Fall Trees

During the next few months, northern towns and cities in America and Canada will experience the beauty of fall trees. Some of the most spectacular autumn trees are:

> aspens

> tamaracks

> red oaks

> elm

> basswood

> spruce

> ash


Trees will transition from lush green to bright orange colours, including gold, yellow, and red. The colours are attributed to chemical changes that take place – leaves begin to store chlorophyll during spring and summer which keeps them green and then take on a fiery red before falling to the ground.

Spectacular Autumn Trees

Spectacular Autumn Trees

It is, specifically, the lack of chlorophyll caused by the reduced sunlight that causes the chemical to disappear from the leaves, leaving bright yellow and bright orange colours. Leaves will sometimes turn purplish or red as a result of sugar pigments trapped within the leaves.


Trees are an investment in the beauty of a yard’s landscaping environment, a park’s landscape, neighbourhood locations, or natural areas visited by the public.


Trees are living entities which we often take for granted. However, trees need to be pruned, trimmed and maintained by ISA certified arborists such as Chipps Tree Care if they are to remain in optimal health. An ISA certification means that tree professionals understand how trees grow and affect the environment and that they are insured and trained in the latest low impact safety rigging methods.


Tree care service professionals are skilled individuals who understand that varying temperatures, sunlight, and the moisture from the soil all work together in defining how the leaves will look in the fall. Keeping a tree pruned is one of the key factors in maintaining the health of trees and to ensure that they look great year-round.


Pruning trees on personal properties must be a regular activity to keep homeowners and their families safe from falling branches. Trees must have dying branches removed so that decay does not occur. Pruning trees also allows more sunshine and air to properly circulate within its roots, branches, trunk, leaves, and bark.

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